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This is the very first iteration of Dum Dum Dino's prototypes, which was made before I started working on the game with my company, Youtouch.

This project does not reflect the final product. Instead, it is meant to show off the design process that initially inspired the game.


The terrible Punkosaurus Rex

Hey there wanderer, welcome to this odd place you fell into.

This game is a prototype I'm working on during my spare time, it is going to evolve over time and your feedback are crucial to the project's well-being

If you want to follow the game's progress and interact with it, go check the Trello board:           https://trello.com/b/3idZN2zD/dum-dum-dinos


Anyway, thank you ever so much for taking the time to read this and to play my prototype. Have fun !

Dum Dum Dinos is a strategy game about finding the best solution to counter your opponent's next move.

Spend your money wisely and efficiently as it is your main resource and it is scarce. With limited capital,  analyze your environment to adapt your tactics and construct the right buildings.

Rotate your buildings to fit the lane's grid

Send armies to fight over territories in order to gain new perks, take control of your environment, unleash tremendous powers and finally crush whoever stands in your way.

But be smart, resources are limited, and time is one of them.

Watch how your choices unravel themselves

Since the game is still at a prototyping state, unwanted behaviors may occur (let's hope not that many), a lot of information is not clearly displayed etc etc. But nonetheless, please  express yourselves, if something bothered you / made no sense  or on the contrary, you liked something and it didn't receive enough love in the making, please do tell :) 

The Design is evolving with the game so let's find a creative way to go forward shall we ?

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Made withUnity
Tags2D, Casual, Cute, Dinosaurs, Experimental, Fantasy, Short, Singleplayer, Tactical
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

1- Download the version of your choice

2- Unzip it in a new folder

3- Have fun and don't forget to leave a comment or give feedbacks :)


05/20 | Release#7: Audio loop and various improvements 30 MB
05/10 | Release #6 Upgrade to Unity 2019 and Sounds 26 MB
05/01 | Release #5 Power Animations 25 MB
04/25 | Release #4 Dum Dum Dinos 25 MB
04/20 | Release #3 First addition of powers 25 MB
04/17 | Release #2 Enhanced loop 24 MB
04/17 | Release #1 New Gameplay Loop 24 MB
03/30 | Release #0 LesPitous 22 MB