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Uploaded a video of me playing this earlier today, and while I didn't find it scary really, I did find entertainment out of it. And I r an into problems with the game crashing 3 times right after the monster shows up, so maybe try to fix that issue, cause that was a real problem but regardless it was a fun game to play.


Hey ! Thanks, sorry for the issues you encountered, these are fixed now. I hope you enjoyed the game anyway!

I dont know. Did I miss something ?? I mean after you get down the stairs and start walking the hallways... they all look the same !!! The rooms that you can get into...all look the same !!!  Even the ONE ITEM that you can interact with was the same !!!!! Only fun part was eerie noises.I got bored after my 10th hallway HAHAHA

Seems like it could use some work, but in no way was it a bad game. I enjoyed it and understood the majority of it, however the story was a little lacking and could've used to be elaborated upon more.

Regardless, it was a pretty spooky experience with a good use of jumpscares and eerie vibes. I had fun! 

Pretty good game, jumpscares were decently placed and pretty creepy as well. Well done 

Not bad. I liked that it was short and you tried to keep things moving by not dragging out the length of the hallways or filling it with too many jump scares as well as by adding some interactive gameplay like the little code puzzle even though it wasn't difficult. 

I think the game's strength is changes in the environment, things appearing/disappearing when we face a certain direction, triggered events like the text on the wall, etc. So maybe focus more on the timing and polish of those kinds of things and keep it about the atmosphere. I'd cut out the monster all together since it kind of downgrades the game to something more hokey and doesn't fit, but that's just me.  Keep developing and improving and good luck with your next game!

This was definitely a spooky experience. Everything went well. The frames were smooth, the effects and sounds were awesome. I did feel like there was a lot of unity stock used (the most noticeable to me was the monster) but honestly, it didn’t impact the experience in a bad way at all. I DID get hung up at one point in the game and I had to reboot and start over. Otherwise, it was a nice short horror game! Thanks for making this!

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My god I was close to finishing but this was a relatively creepy game, my game somewhat messed up, at the end but I know I could have been done XD, I do like the ambience in this as well trigger sounds that make you feel like someone is right behind you, to laughs or loud drags! I had fun playing this :) 

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Bundled it up with two other games :) was alright but that puzzle picture room got me stuck LOL

Nice, short and creepy. I like it!

This was enjoyable, but I did run into an issue where every time I touched the monster the game would just crash. I'll take a look at the other games you made, and thanks for releasing this one.

Wasn't sure what the story was about but I still got pretty scared! I think the silence really adds fear!! 

There were a few glitches that happened in this game, but I thought it was pretty good.

This game is very atmospheric it's awesome. It builds up suspense really thick. The only problem like i've seen before is the key pad in the painting room. Not sure if it's a glitch or, something you have to do to activate it but, I got stuck on it and, couldn't proceed :(

The code is the order that the numbers on the paintings appear.

just started playing it. got to the part where there is a ogre in the next room, Ran to it and the game froze. and here i am. what do i do now?

This game was good at first, however I ran into a few bugs which stopped me from finishing the game. 

The number pad stopped working when you got the code wrong,  and the game crashed every time the monster appeared. Also the sound effects and music cut out suddenly?

Apart from that, it was pretty good game!

Thanks to all of you for your awesome comments and videos !!

I'll post a new thread in the devlog soon so keep updated !

Great but short horror game!
I had a little trouble with the doors but nothing you couldn't work around :D

Well done!

Gave it a go! There are a few glitches and programming left to be done, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time.

I got really pissed because I couldnt enter the number 3, but the game seemed promising before that! If your into rage though, check this out!

Great atmosphere and cool puzzle :) 

First off, this was SUCH an awesome experience with a touch of interesting originality! The game is way dark, but that didn't take away from the experience one bit. I did encounter a bug in not being able to pick up the first key off camera, but a simple restart will fix that. Chilling atmosphere, but I didn't understand much of the story element (if there even was one); it left me somewhat confused. Loved the environment manipulating around the player; I wish there was more of that! Great game, and looking forward to future projects! Thanks you!

정말 즐겁게 즐겼다. 정말 좋은 게임이라고 생각한다.

I really enjoyed it. I think it is a really good game.

Ty for game, i'm so scared) Waiting for new games or continue Your last day

hi, big thx for the the great game. i love it. i had a problem with the numer 9 at the panel. i can't press it. greetings from germany

it's an awesome game!! here's my reaction version 

it's an awesome game!! here's my reaction version 

Pretty fun stuff, I definitely felt the Layers of Fear inspiration too. Agree with some of the other comments that the story could have benefited from a bit more fleshing out. One other little gripe I had was that the font chosen for some areas like the doors being locked would have been better were it something more in keeping with the tone of the game, as it is it is quite out of place. Nice job overall though!


This was quite good, wasn't it? At first I was like "Oh, there's absolutely no story and there's some hallways. Cool." but then the game got pretty interesting with all the ghostly business!

I did wish it had a bit more story, though. But for what it was, I thought you did a really great job! 

Here's my obligatory video—but it's different than the others! Try out Lumps Plays for a new way to let's play with pop-up comments. 

Cheers and happy halloween!

Ran into a few bugs but maxing the graphics seems to fix them.

Hey guys. Loved the game! Very creepy!

The game was really cool, although I was not able to finish it because the game kept freezing over and over at the end.  Besides that I really enjoyed it!

Hey ! Thanks for the video ! I changed the ending so that the crash doesn't occur :)


this game was a bit scary great job keep going

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watch video here:

Hey ! Thanks for your comment and video !


Greetings, I would first like to say that I quite enjoyed the game. Its atmosphere is gripping and the sudden sounds and noises kept me on edge throughout my play through. I did find the game to be pretty dark in some areas which made it a little difficult to see, though the visuals themselves are quite pleasing.

I got somewhat of a Layers of Fear vibe from the game, not sure if that was meant to happen but I thought I'd point it out, trust me when I say that's a good thing. 

All in all the game's dark, scary and atmospheric, a very good horror game. I hope you don't mind but I recorded a shot let's play of the game for my channel.

Cheers and best wishes.

Hey !

Thank you very much for your comments, i'm glad that you noticed the "Layer of Fear" vibe, it was one of my key inspiration.

I'm glad you enjoyed the experience ! I really liked your video !

Cheers and have a great day !

Very cool horror game!  It was really fun to play and was very scary! Great job! :D 


Thanks for the cool video !! I'm glad you enjoyed it !

Your welcome! Glad you enjoyed the video!

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Great game! The atmosphere was eerie. Having to return to the same hallway again and again didn't get old. Rather,  it made me think, "Oh man something bad's about to  happen!" My game crashed when I was inside a room with the portrait. Wasn't sure if it was a bug. Overall, good job Youtouch!


Hey ! Thanks for playing and the cool video !

I posted a fix for the ending room so the crash shouldn't occur ! Everything is listed in the devnote :)

Have a great day !

Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Awesome!! Really feels like the good old indie horror games :D Which is a really good thing! Thank you for making this game! <3

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Thanks for the video ! And you managed to handle your community challenge Congratz !

Just wanna leave some feedback on the game not finished it yet cos i couldn't put 3 in the code in the room with the paintings then when i started again the key didnt spawn so I can't finish the game.

Hey, thanks for your feedback ! I updated the game to fix these bugs, sorry for the bother 

ok sweet i wanna finish it


Правда пару раз я провалился под текстуры, но это не страшно ;)

привет ! спасиба для харашо видео !! но мой руский - плохой итак я не все понял хаха !

The atmosphere of the game is quite spooky. i'm not sure if im just stupid or if the game bugged, but i got stuck in 2 different places. the first time the key didn't spawn and the second time i couldn't find the painting. good looking game though.

Hey ! Thanks for playing and giving your feedbacks, the bugs you encountered are fixed now. And really cool video !

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