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This game does have potential, but theres a lot that just felt like it was thrown together at random just because it might be scary.

So, some critiques.

It feels like this game is all over the place.
The noises are random, I don't understand why the interact mechanic needed to be random keys instead of just "E".
I also found out the "puzzle' is skippable if you just walk out of the room without touching the.... light switch?
That ringing tone... WHY!? If it faded away shortly after it started, that would be fine.. but 33 seconds of constant audio assault is not cool.

If there's a plot with that painting or the ghost ogre guy it was unclear to me.

As admittedly harsh as this comes across, I only bring these up to try to help you improve. It's clear you care about making these games good, otherwise there wouldn't be so many updates and fixes in the dev log, right? Keep it up!

Hey everyone ! Thanks for playing the game, you guys are awesome!

I did not have time lately to update the game, my focus has been all on my studies, but finaly the update the game needed is here!

Have fun !

Greetings from Germany. I played the game and was positively surprised. The atmosphere and scares were pretty good, I also loved the small riddle part. It was just a bit confusing some parts. :)

I also made a video about your game, you can check it out here: 

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